'travel light'; Clive Bell



On this site you will find images of various levels 
of reflection or absorption of available light upon 
and around a flat surface.
These surfaces have been adapted to this function by simple means. 
For the time being they have been lined up here 
according to type of form.
The materials used come from the hardware store and the 
profesional supplier;paper, wood, fibreboard, glass, textile, 
synthetic fibre as well as various types of paint and ink. 
For the execution simple tools were used.

The arrangements represented were installed in and around 
the workshop at Rotterdam in the course of the last few years.
 (spaces with hights up to 3 and 5 meter and white to lightgrey walls)

Some assumptions have been made. Mainly concerning the sensory posibilities,
the sizes, and the positions of the observer but also taking into account 
the role of gravity. The internal shape of the common orthogonal architecture 
is taken for granted. Without being a matter of principle.

As they are these surfaces represent only a small element of visual culture.
There is no claim to certain knowledge. The method followed is made up 
of variations on a thesis.

In the end it all comes down to the 'allocation' a certain area in space 
or upon a surface by local rearrangement of light. 
As a result the surroundings, which remain the quantitative dominant area, 
become 'organized' by it.

So the role of the surface is to render a service.